Updates Per Peace Table


Statement of OPAPP Usec. Jose Lorena on the concern raised by Sen. Nancy Binay on OPAPP's DAP allocation in support of the MNLF peace table

First of all, we need to clarify that OPAPP's DAP funding allocation in 2011, which amounted to P1.8 B, as reflected in the DBM report, was used for different peace and development initiatives in conflict-affected and vulnerable communities across the country and in support of several existing peace tables and not in support  of the MNLF peace process alone.

Of this amount, nearly P 704 million was used to fund 219 projects in priority MNLF Peace and Development communities in 14 provinces and four chartered cities, which were implemented by national implementing agencies and partner LGUs under the PAMANA program. These projects include community infrastructures, post-harvest facilities, local roads, and water systems, etc.

Clearly, the Zamboanga siege happened not because of lack of development assistance for MNLF communities. In fact, on the ground, many have noted that it is the first time that they have seen the delivery of development projects and services in areas affected by the GPH-MNLF conflict on the scale that it has happened under the Aquino administration. No, the Zamboanga siege happened not because we neglected the MNLF but because of Misuari's personal and political agenda, which, aside from causing havoc in the lives of Zamboanguenos, which continues to be felt by the city today, also caused the disruption of the OIC-facilitated tripartite implementation review process on the 1996 Final Peace Agreement.

We would be happy to discuss this further with Senator Binay to clarify any misconceptions regarding the DAP allocation to OPAPP peace and development initiatives as well as on the GPH-MNLF peace process.